Time’s running out!

Our limited enrolment opening for our Deep Dive Online Canine Nutrition course is almost closed again; we won’t be opening up again until next year.

We start on Monday so grab your spot while you can. You have seven months access so will have plenty of time to work your way through and absorb all the information!

You can read all about the course, even sample some of the course content, and apply here.

Don’t just take our word for it!

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I am almost one third of the way through the AniEd Canine Nutrition course and I cannot recommend it highly enough. The canine nutrition course fits my need to learn more about it but in a scientific, evidenced based fashion. The course does exactly that in a completely unbiased fashion.

We are taught how to review and critically examine available information from many sources and draw our own conclusions. As a physician, I should already know much of the physiology, but the information is presented so well and in an easily understandable manner I build on my knowledge with each lesson.

The course work is well organized and easy to follow. It is comprehensive and requires some time commitment, but the course is structured so that we can go at our own pace.

Anne does a great job helping us stay on track and is always available to answer question or facilitate discussions.

In short, if you want to really learn about canine nutrition not just myths and marketing, this is the course for you. Once started, you will be able to make informed decisions on how to feed your dog and provide evidence-based advice to others.

Thank you, AniEd!”

David Stein (Neurologist, trainer and dog dad)

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