Have a plan for fright-night…and beyond!

Halloween is just upon us and over the last month or so, we have been trying to spread the word about planning to support our pets on the night, particularly in relation to fireworks, but other activities too.

For a full, in-depth program see: Dying of Fright.


A safe bunker

Time for the BEST treats & toys

Fireworks = Party-time

Turn the volume UP!

Have a plan for outings

Talk to the vet!

Dogs + Kids + Halloween

Dogs & Dress-up

Comfort your dog!

Halloween Hangover

The distress and stress associated with Halloween don’t end once the night itself is over. Not only might fireworks continue, the stress response elicited on the night might continue to impact your dog’s physical and behaviour health.

Check out our guidance for the morning-after too: Halloween Hangover.


Happy Howl-o-ween everyone, stay safe!