Animal Education Ireland

AniEd Ireland, launched in 2012, provides quality educational courses in animal care, training and behaviour.

As specialists in teaching both humans and animals we offer education for pets, pet owners and professionals.

Who is AniEd?

Tara Choules & Anne Rogers are the directors of AniEd; they present almost all of the courses and have written each curriculum.

Tara has studied canine training and behaviour and applied animal behaviour. She has taught and externally authenticates FETAC courses at levels 5 and 6.
Tara has taught training classes and pets & their people for over a decade.

She is regularly accompanied by her two canine companions, Zack and Boomer ❤


Anne has studied canine training & behaviour, biology and psychology and veterinary nursing. She has taught and externally authenticated FETAC courses at Levels 5 and 6.
Anne has taught and counselled pets & their people for over two decades.

Decker is usually at AniEd waiting to meet and greet every student!


What does AniEd do?

AniEd is an educational company, first and foremost, because we believe that education is the key to improving animal welfare.

We devote all our energies to becoming more educated ourselves, via continued education seminars and workshops, via courses, via constant experience and feedback, so that we can in turn provide the best education for pet owners and professionals.

We provide services for dogs and their people:

  • one to one training sessions
  • veterinary referred behaviour consultations & rehab sessions
  • daytraining

We provide lots of educational services for pet-people:

  • canine first responder courses
  • choosing a suitable pet consultations
  • children & dogs safety courses
  • canine communication
  • talks and mini-seminars on lots of pet related topics

We provide accredited courses for those wishing to develop a career in animal care, training & behaviour:

  • topics in the areas of animal training, caning behaviour, animal care, animal behaviour & welfare, pet-human relationship
  • online, homestudy and part-time courses, seminars and webinars
  • seminars and workshops at our centre

We are independently accredited, we are qualified to teach at the levels offered, we are qualified to instruct on these topics and we write all our courses and material using the most up-to-date information and resources available (fully referenced).

We provide talks and seminars for professionals too:

  • health and safety
  • dog awareness
  • safe handling and restraint

These are ideal for those who may come into contact with dogs in their daily work such as delivery services, maintenance services and animal welfare officers.


Why study with AniEd?

  • our emphasis is on each learner developing crucial skills in critical evaluation, essential in this information age
  • development of professional standards within this unique and growing industry in Ireland
  • full and ongoing support from tutors and other learners
  • invited into the AniEd support network of professionals and learners
  • state of the art learning resources designed to cater for all learning preferences through the use of varied media
  • the most up to date and current information in canine training, behaviour and healthcare
  • access to our online classroom through VLE (Virtual Learning Environment)
  • study and tuition in our dog-centric centre
  • access to tutors who are qualified and experienced in teaching, in dog training and behaviour with excellent ties within the industry
  • encouraged to participate in a range of dog related services
  • gain valuable experience with your tutors and with real clients and their dogs
  • access to participation in seminars, workshops and webinars with learners from all sorts of backgrounds and who are at different stages of career development in Ireland
  • immerse yourself in the fascinating world of dogs, dogs and more dogs
  • have fun and develop lifelong friendships with others who share your interests




7 thoughts on “Animal Education Ireland”

  1. Hi , I’m new to this , and our puppy is 7 weeks old- just got from dogs trust. Are there any days of the 100 days so far that are good for puppies-
    He is not loving the kongs so far- he licked a bit with bananas. Just wondering Which is the best place to start with puppies? Ciara

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Ciara,
      Congratulations on your new puppy.
      Start with Day 1 but your puppy is very young and is still learning to coordinate its mouth for eating, and everything else!
      You need to adjust each challenge to suit each individual dog and help them out – it’s all suitable for puppies. It’s not about complexity and it will take them time to settle and develop confidence, especially with a new dog.
      Banana might not be high value enough and in larger amounts can be hard on their tummies.
      Try something higher value and make it easier.
      There are recipes with lots of ideas for stuffings for stuffable toys.
      And look at the many different options that you can present your individual dog such as spreading some yummy on the outside of the toy to help puppy learn how to use it.
      Join our Facebook group too!


    1. You can just follow along with the blog! Facebook isn’t a requirement, it’s just a way for the community to share videos and their experiences etc.
      You can, as many many do, work through the program here


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