Christmas Bites

Prepare your pet for the Holiday season, and all the activity and chaos that involves, with our simple tips for Christmas bliss!

Christmas Bites – get planning now and be aware of holiday hazards and seasonal stressors that will be affecting your pet’s behaviour.

Christmas Bite 1: The Quickest Fix – start planning and putting sensible management in place now for peace all season!
Summary here and here.

Christmas Bite 2: Entertaining Canines – keeping your dog busy and out of trouble all Christmas!

Christmas Bite 3: Doors, Greetings & All That Drama – don’t let the dread of your dog’s door behaviour ruin your plans; there’s lots of things you can start working on now to help.
Summary here.

Christmas Bite 4: Chill Out – think what you would prefer your dog to do during the festivities…I am sure chilling out is high on that wish-list!
Summary here.

Christmas Bite 5: Don’t eat that…don’t chew that…don’t touch that… – so much temptation for curious pets during the celebrations, some of which can even be life-threatening so start planning and prepping your pet!
Summary here.

Christmas Bites 6 Santa Paws Buys Irish (Local) – get your pet’s Santa Paws list ready and remember that what your pet really wants for Christmas, is you!


Top Ten Tips for New Year’s Fireworks– help reduce the effects of fireworks fire on New Year’s by getting started with these simple tips.


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