What’s this program all about?

You’ve signed up and are getting ready, but what’s this training program really about?


Our Train Your Dog Month 2016 program is all about foundation skills – these are the ones that you will build your continued training upon.

So often we go straight into the sexy stuff without paying attention to the training that supports our dog’s life long learning – that can be why our training sometimes crumbles and collapses.

Spending a little time (remember, just ten minutes each day) putting these basics in place provides you and your dog the perfect foundation on which to build.

Reality Check

As important as these exercises and having the right foundation are, it isn’t a magic-wand!

Just signing up for our program will not ‘fix’ any behaviour problems you might experience with your dog. But, the exercises we will introduce will help work on some of the root causes to training and behaviour issues from pulling on lead to aggression.

The plan

Each week is themed and we will post three-to-five different exercises for you to work on during that week.

Every couple of days or so, we will post a new exercise with options to suit you at various stages of training. We will provide video and printer friendly versions too so that everyone can participate.

Remember, just ten minutes a day but if you want to do more that’s OK too!

Be ready for your first plan on Monday and Happy 2016!