TYD 2016 Week 3

You may have noticed that most dogs pretty much arrive believing that if they want it, they can take it, when they want it.


Jumpy really wants his toy but has learned that by responding to cues he can get his reward…

Week 3 Patience Pays

Improved self-control can lead to a vast progress in lots and lots of training and behaviour exercises you’re working on.

In the dictionary, beside the definition for "self-control"
In the dictionary, beside the definition for “self-control”


This week we will be working on teaching our dog that he just can’t have all the things he wants, when he wants them – but instead, teaching him a new rule, that patience pays.

What do I need for Week 3?

  • Training Mix
  • your dog’s favourite things (treats, toys, activities and so on)
  • a little bowl
  • leash, collar and so on for walkies


Week 3 Training Games

  • The First Rule of Week 3
  • Doggie Zen Level 1
  • Doggie Zen Level 2
  • Doggie Zen Level 3
  • Doggie Zen Level 4
  • Living the Doggie Zen Life

What’s my dog learning?

  • I am learning that good things come to those who wait!
  • I can control my frustration and can wait patiently
  • I learn that I can’t have everything I want when I want it!
  • I learn how to choose more appropriate behaviours rather than having to be told what to do.
  • I become better at settling myself and am much easier to live with.
  • By learning to tolerate frustration and delay of reward helps prevent me developing more serious behaviour issues

We’re exchanging impatient and pushy for calm and polite!

You can download a more printer friendly, but abbreviated version of this week’s exercises here.