Training Game 3.3

Doggie Zen Level 2


Was your dog able to achieve zen at level 1? Let’s try Level 2…

Today’s Games

Time Allowance:
Practice for 1-2 minute sessions and then take a break. Have a few  sessions today.

Try fitting  each short session into your routine; for example, while you wait for the kettle to boil, during the ad break of your TV show or while you wait for the computer to start up.

Really do keep sessions short on these exercises! The self-control bank account depletes fast and your dog will need some time to recuperate so make sure to give them a good break too.

Family Participation:
This exercise is for adults only!

Top Tip for Today’s Training Games:
Notice that we don’t ask our dog to do anything here at all – no talking!

This is about self-control – we are working on a default here so you never need to ask for polite behaviour when you have things your dog wants – he just does it!

Remember, if your dog gets stuck with any of our exercises this week, think of ways that you can make it easier for him to succeed and then build again more gradually.

Now it’s really going to get tough as we move the food to the floor…


Zen Level 2

Practice a couple of rounds of Level 1 and then take your handful of food and place it on the floor – keep it covered!

  • place some food rewards on the floor
  • cover with your palm
  • when your dog moves away from your palm covering the food rewards, move your hand to the side
  • quickly re-cover the food if he approaches again
  • offer him one food reward if he can show any of the behaviours on his polite list


Food on the floor is super-duper hard to resist for dogs so don’t worry if this is too challenging.

Instead of the on the floor start this one with the food on a chair, sofa or coffee table.

Build right the way through today’s challenge before moving the food to the floor for this dog.


Level 2 Challenge

Once your dog has achieved Level 2 zen, build their patience one second at a time.

How long can your dog leave that treat on the floor?