But wait…

Training Your Dog is not just for Train Your Dog Month!

IMG_8625You have only just started so don’t stop now.

You are ALWAYS training your dog and he is is ALWAYS being trained so make sure that he is learning the right stuff!

Stay tuned to our blog for lots of top tips, clips and tricks each week so that your journey can continue.

Revise, or go back and work on exercises that you found particularly tricky or indeed, useful.

Take a well earned rest and well done for participating in Train Your Dog Month 2016!

4 thoughts on “But wait…”

  1. Olly and I have really enjoyed train your dog month. We attend lessons weekly and also go to monthly dog sport clubs. But it was great to do some extra homework, especially the calming stuff, and ideas to entertain him, we loved the treasure box. Thank you


  2. Thank you learnt a lot and will continue on !!
    Was very well put together well done , an most of all we all enjoyed it


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