This week, at AniEd

We’ve had quite the admin week in preparation for super-busy times next week!

Smiles from Uno
Smiles from Uno

Next week…

CBTT5 will have their last week of tuition, starting Monday. That’s five FULL days of canine science, training & behaviour – all day, every day (that’s heaven to us!).

Two of those days will be spent in Tayto Park zoo (send us good weather wishes please!) working with different species – no dogs – to really test our mechanical skill and training planning skills. We will soon realise how much we LOVE working with dogs!

We will have lots of pictures and clips from our work there but here is some of the good stuff from our trip there last year as CBTT4 wrapped things up.





Now, back to last week at AniEd!

Awesome Pets & their People

We met some great new dogs this week, along with there fab families!


This handsome fella is Buddy – check out those amber eyes! His family adopted him just a week before his appointment and were keen to get everyone off on the right paw.

How brilliant is that? Proactive owners wanting to get started with training early to offset any problems from developing and making sure this addition to the family will fit right in – we love that!

Buddy did really well considering he is just finding his feet in all this; he loved learning how to work Kong toys, while the grown ups talked, and to earn treats for polite behaviour.


This happy wee girly (blurry tail!) is Molly and she came for some training with her entire family. They have done really well with her training so we are going to put in place some extra help with self-control and loose leash walking.

Hopefully we will be seeing lots more of Molly soon – we love her!


This cutie-patootie is Uno, a teenage Bulldog. We have lots of work to help this fella cope with a stressful time recently but he has an awesome family to help him!

We had lots of fun at our first session and we will be seeing him soon too – yay!

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People Training

This weekend we welcomed a new Canine Studies – Foundation (CSF) group. This course is designed for those working as or starting out as pet sitters and dog walkers so that they can get started with basics of canine health and behaviour.

This is a six month course comprising two units (subjects): Introduction to Canine Behaviour and Canine Health & Disease.

We also cover business practice and management, insurance, professionalism and the canine care industry – nine new learners who are about to get very busy, and love every minute of it!

AniEd Dogs

It was lazy week for the three AniEd Dogs #donotdisturb #zzzzzz

And Decker…