This week, at AniEd

Happy Easter!

Remember no chocolate, lilies or hot cross buns for the pets!


Don’t throw out all that Easter egg packaging, just yet; lots of these boxes make great doggie puzzles. Some ideas here:


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This week we sent you pieces about choice in dog training and new microchipping legislation in Ireland – the countdown is on! (We have updated that piece as new information became available amidst plenty of confusion!).


Awesome Pets & their People

Another short week so we just had a couple of consults this week with some great dogs, and committed owners.


Stunner Roxy came back for another follow-up and we went out and about to help her people help her when out in the big bad world. Roxy is a fearful girl, who spent the first 8 months of her life in an almost feral state. Now she has awesome people who have made amazing progress, and her confidence and social skills grow by the day.

Here’s a playlist of some of our work, during our walk around:



The very handsome Teddy came for a first consult; he has been in his fab new home for a very short time so we are working on building his confidence, settling in and increasing his responsiveness. He is off to a great start already!


Lottie came back to do some stooging with Decker and is learning that she can just be, when close to another dog. Doesn’t have to love him, doesn’t have to play, doesn’t need to aggress…can just be.

People Training



We still have a couple of places left on our Teaching Puppies and Helping Rescue Dogs courses so sign up if you don’t want to miss out.

And next week we will be launching the next run of our CBTT program, CBTT7!


Many of our qualified CBTT-ers have developed or are developing their training businesses, so if you need a pet dog trainer, look no further: Our Dog Trainers.

AniEd Dogs

A look back with a nostalgic shot of Boomer & Zack (before Decker was even born!):


And Decker has an Easter balloon hunt, and is very excited about it:


Enjoy your weekend and we’ll see you soon!