This week, at AniEd

Another short week in Ireland; it will be tough going back to a full week of work for many from tomorrow!


Lots of rainy weather over the past and coming days so don’t forget to keep your dog busy with rainy-day entertainment:





Or why not practice some of our Train Your Dog Month exercises?!

There seems to be continued confusion about microchipping which is now a legal requirement for all dogs.
We have updated our information post about microchipping several times as new information seems to slowly trickle down here and Dogs Trust Ireland have shared a Top 10 FAQs:


We also sent you a piece on a more balanced attitude to being a dog trainer, working at what should be your dream job…Somewhere in between


Awesome Pets & their People

Molly was back for more daytraining – she had lots of yummy Kongs and a lovely nap…

And we got some training done too:


Gorgeous Boxer girl Bailey was back for a follow-up session:


She, and her people, have been doing so well that we signed off on Bailey’s case and they will continue to work to maintain our program. We will always be here to support them so hope to see them again.

Jessie from A Dog’s Life, now in a new foster, came for a session to make sure everyone is settling in well.


This stunning dog is looking for a new home; find out more about her here.

How adorable (and irresistible) is Jessie?!


Mason, also from A Dog’s Life, has worked his magic on his foster family and they have now become his forever family – YAY!

He and his new sister, Lucy the Basset, are getting on great, with careful management by his people. Good news!

Elsie, who has just been adopted from A Dog’s Life, came for a session with her new family to help everyone settle in and get to know one another.


Moe cam back for his first  follow-up, after initial consultation, and he and his people have made amazing progress. We were ready to do some stooge-dog work to help teach Moe alternative and more acceptable behaviours when he sees other dogs.


And then we had some fun with ball play!

Riley, the Tibetan Terrier puppy, came for his first session and had a great time learning how to train humans…


People Training

We have a new Canine Behaviour & Training Technician group starting soon and already have a list of applicants for interview. CBTT7 will be underway next month and we can’t wait to get the ball rolling. More here.

Don’t forget that we have Helen Zulch back for another weekend seminar/workshop in June! There is only one working space left for the Saturday and couple of spectator places on both days so you better sign up quick so that you don’t miss out!

More information here and on our Facebook event here.

AniEd Dogs

Zak cuddled up to the heat:


And the rest of them went to work:


Hopefully we have some more lovely Spring weather in the coming week…enjoy!