This week, at AniEd

Another busy week of dogs, dogs, and more dogs!


Awesome Pets & their People

This week we had Molly for her last daytraining session and she did so amazingly well that we got to take a walk in our local park and have lots of fun!


Molly’s ability to cope with distractions and her responsiveness has improved so much that we were just able to walk, investigate and hang out.


We played lots of sniffing games to keep her with me, rather than get distracted. Look at her nose go!


With Molly’s improvement in the foundation our work has laid, she and her family will continue to build on this closer to home.

Harry came for his first puppy session with his new family to get the best start with all that puppy stuff!


Zepp came for some behaviour work with his people. Among other things we worked on some sofa manners, including how to teach a dog to get off the sofa when asked:


Leo came for some behaviour work too, as we begin to work through some adolescent behaviour – dogs go through a teenage phase too!


Basil came for a training session to help boost his responsiveness and comfort with specific triggers, when out walking. As you can see, he’s pretty relaxed about this whole training business…

Double the fun, double the cuteness and of course, double the trouble, Meryl & Doug.


These two came for their first puppy session with their people, and everyone learned loads!

People Training

This weekend our Canine Studies – Foundation learners came for their second day of tuition. This course is for pet sitters and dog walkers and on Sunday they worked on learning theories, luring, capturing, shaping, and canine signaling.


On top of that they learned how to evaluate a dog’s weight using a body condition scoring system. Most pet dogs in development countries are overweight and what’s more worrying is that people, even including some pet care professionals, have trouble identifying a dog who is overweight.

Many of you will have seen this and similar BCS tools:


This great resource helps you more quickly evaluate the amount of fat carried on your dog’s ribs:

bcs hand

Share this far and wide – the first step in helping improve your pet’s health is to assess the extent of their weight gain.

AniEd Dogs

Dilis, Boomer and Zak were ‘working’ this week, along with lovebirds Decker & Daisy:


Daisy is even starting to play and initiate interactions with Decker:


Have a great week πŸ™‚