This week, at AniEd

A week of admin to get ready for busy times ahead – we have CBTT7 starting soon, and we have to keep looking after all our existing students too!

Awesome Pets & People

Lottie came for a visit and got lots of work done – such a smushable mush:


The very adorable Arlo came for a session to help improve his recall, as he becomes a teenager when recall can sort of fall apart:


We have introduced a brand-new recall cue, which will be associated with lots of good things with some new recall training-games:


We started working on an interruption sound so that we can get his attention when he is distracted or spooked, both of which are easy for teenage dogs:


And talked about polite greetings, to prevent Arlo from becoming overwhelmed:


Of course, we talked about the importance of enrichment and mental exercise for the shaky confidence and high-excitability of teenagers:


The very pretty Shelley came for a visit too, with her foster-brother-soon-to-be-forever-brother, Frosty!


Check out Frosty’s amazing ears:


…and his amazing eyes:


A pair of stunners on the outside and on the inside!

People Training



Our Helen Zulch workshop/seminar is just about booked up, with a couple of spaces on each day remaining.



We are really looking forward to building on mechanical, advanced training skill on Saturday with a workshop format. Here is some of the action from last year:

Lots of freeshaping action:


And targeting fun:


And some timing practice:


On the Sunday we will be looking at the relationship between medical and behavioural health, building medical and behaviour healthcare teams and how to boost that awareness in both veterinary and training fields.

This is one of the most commonly expressed frustrations by trainers so it’s surprising that these topics are not presented more commonly. As such, you need to get booked in for this one!

Should you wish to get one of the few remaining spaces please email as soon as possible!


A short next week with the Bank Holiday so have a good one!