This week at AniEd

Another week of admin as we prepare for CBTT7 and get our warehouse space sorted so we can have a new training area – we can’t wait to get back to teaching classes!

Awesome Pets & their People

Tia came for some behaviour work during the week to help with some reactive behaviour.


Along with her owner, we are developing a program of management, relaxation, gradually increasing the level of stimulation and counterconditioning to specific triggering stimuli, including the latest Vodafone ad (the one with the pig), which Tia is not a big fan of at all!


Opie came for a recall training session too and we practiced lots of our basic recall games to get started on the road to an awesome recall!


We also practiced a new tug routine so that we are establishing rules with our games, to help Opie learn some better self control, even when excited which is especially hard for a teenager!


Opie just wants to get back to training, when, during our session the grown-ups have a chat…


And cutie pie Nidge came for a recall session too.


We start our recall games off with conditioning a new cue that will always mean, to the dog, that something AMAZING is about to happen. Pairing the new word with a high value treat, in the right order, is the best start.



The AniEd dogs are as helpful as usual as we get everything ready for new learners…