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Fitness programs are not just for dogs recovering from illness or injury; putting them in place when healthy can prevent injury – Sustained trotting for healthy dogs
Get trotting!

Be more (this) dog:


Help for dogs who may show discomfort when left alone – it’s also a great idea to implement this with puppies too to prevent more serious separation-related behaviour developing: Training Fido that calm makes you return from Dr Yin.

Providing your dog with a lovely home, comfy bed and good food is only a small part of your role – it’s most important that our pets’ behavioural and emotional needs are met…Is your pet lonely and bored? and Are pets as happy as their owners think they are?

A whole playlist on dog body language from Doggone Safe:


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Getting loose leash walking right is TOUGH! Here are 5 things you might be doing that is hampering your progress.

Your trainer doesn’t want to push your dog, causing him to rehearse unwanted behaviour – especially when that behaviour may cause distress or physical harm: That’s My Job! Really?

Not much cuter than a puppy-pinwheel:


While it’s good that ‘socialisation’ has become a well-known requirement in rearing healthy puppies and dogs, getting it wrong can be as disastrous as not doing enough of it: Don’t Socialise the Dog!

You don’t need to be a pack leader – Re-arranging metaphors for dogs!

Knowing what’s normal allows you ascertain the urgency of deviations: What is normal dog temperature, heart rate and respiration?

Dogs with credit…: