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In many contexts humping is normal dog behaviour, albeit a little embarrassing for their people; here are 5 reasons your dog loves to hump!

It’s that time of year again…4 ways to prep your dog for Back to School!

There are very few truly tested car harness or crates for dogs and keeping your dog safe in the car is difficult as there are no standards, as there are for human safety features:


Some excellent advice for preparing your dog for vet visits – start practicing now, rather than waiting for an emergency of illness!
White coats and doctors and needles, oh my!

Recent research showed that parents are quite likely to leave dogs and children unsupervised together, and despite supervision being heavily promoted, it’s probably not enough: Supervising dogs and children to prevent bites

Being aware of the dangers that dogs can pose and understanding canine body language may help to prevent and diffuse tense situations: Good dogs don’t bite, do they?

But “supervision” isn’t enough – parents, pet owners, and children must be taught appropriate behaviours to help keep interactions safe and happy.
Here’s a fab little clip for kids and adults on appropriate greeting tips:


Losing a pet hits you hard: When my dog Lucky died, I disappeared too
ut we can make the end easier for them by planning it with the veterinary team (still really hard for us, though): Even the perfect euthanasia still hurts

Here’s some cheering up: If animals could talk…

Growling is important, meaningful communication from your dog, and information for you; don’t switch it off!

Yes, the summer is just about over but no reason you still can’t enjoy 10 of the best dog-friendly spots in Ireland!
Just remember, not all dogs want to be right in the thick of it, so give your dog some space from the goings on, hang out just you and him and bring plenty of rewards to keep him interested in you 🙂

Some dogs just can’t say no (P.S we can help you and your dog with this…):