Big plans!

This year has been a very busy year and 2019 is shaping up to be a very exciting year for AniEd.


The A Dog’s Life and AniEd collaboration is a long standing relationship that has allowed us to provide the best education, support and guidance for pets and their people, at all levels. As we move into the New Year, we will be taking this partnership even further…

Our Vision

A Dog’s Life and AniEd are teaming up even more to develop a unique shelter based Canine Enrichment & Education centre for dogs, pet lovers and professionals. We will continue to play to our strengths, taking pound dogs and giving them the best chance of finding a new and better life, while providing pet owners, students and professionals with an outstanding education in canine training, science, care and behaviour.

Our centre will provide kennel space for a small number of dogs who need new homes and a better life. But, this will be offered in a unique environment where education will play the starring role, preparing these dogs for their new life through structured education, experience and enrichment. Our tutors and students will provide the care and education for these dogs, developing their own skills and monitoring the behaviour health and welfare of our dogs. Win-win!

We want rescue to be the place that people come to get a great dog; to come to get a dog who will adjust well to family life, who will demonstrate appropriate and acceptable behaviour and who will become an asset to the community, representing rescue dogs.

This move will allow us to facilitate the development of knowledge and skill among pet owners, local community members, budding and established professionals and the wider public in a true understanding of canine welfare. Education is key to improving the welfare of people and pets, after all!

Next steps…

To allow us to plan and realise our vision, we are moving from our Glasnevin base and going mobile!

This will allow us to bring training into your homes and continue to move our educational courses more online. This maximises convenience meaning more people and pets will benefit from AniEd’s growing accessibility.

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You can help!

The AniEd and A Dog’s Life model doesn’t exist – we are the first ones to develop this type of education centre.

But, we need help to do this:

  • help us find the perfect location
    We are looking for a suitable premises in the Greater Dublin, West Meath, East Kildare regions and surrounds. We will need space and buildings suitable for kennel accommodation, office space, classroom space, storage and exercise areas. An old kennels, stable yard, farm or commercial property would be perfect.
  • legal and corporate advisors
    We know dogs but we need help with the scary legal, accounting and incorporation stuff.
  • fundraising teams, ideas and coordinators
    Pioneering all this ain’t going to be easy or cheap, so we will need ongoing fundraising and financial help.

If you think you can help, please get in touch by commenting here, emailing or

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