Week 5 Equipment List

We are talking about WEEK 5 already! I guess time does really fly when you’re having fun…

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All challenges are presented with multiple options so you won’t lose out if you don’t have one or two of the items.

For Week 5 you will need:

  • treats & toys
  • blankets, towels, sheets, face cloths
  • tub, (plant) pots, bucket
  • stuffables
  • access to different loose substrates such as potting soil, children’s sand, loose soil and foliage (in the real world)
  • loose items such as paper cups, paper, plastic bottles, balls, toilet roll tubes, Pringles tubes, stuffable toys like Kongs and so on (items with rounded or soft corners)
  • large, shallow tub or box

And for Freestyle Friday you will design your own enrichment device with the following ingredients:

  • cardboard tubes, toilet roll or kitchen roll tubes, Pringles tubes and similar

We have lots more fun and brain games for you for next week. Start getting ready…

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