Week 11 Equipment List

After Week 11, there are really only about four more weeks left of this project! Still here? Thank you and well done!

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All challenges are presented with multiple options so you won’t lose out if you don’t have one or two of the items.

For Week 11 you will need:

  • a variety of different treats & toys
  • Stuffables
  • dog lead, cord, rope or similar
  • cloths, e.g. face cloths, towels, blankets
  • favourite toys
  • balls or toys with holes
  • flirtpole (you can easily make one from a lunge-whip from horse training or using a dowel and cord)
  • Pringles tube or similar
  • old toys such as old tennis balls, soft toys
  • old shoes, socks
  • laundry basket or similar with holes and gaps
  • commercially available treat dispensers such as activity balls (like this one), Kong Wobbler or similar, Busy Buddy range or similar
  • next Sniffing Saturday, we are all going on sniffari – for that, this week collect at least one item from every place you go. Bring it home and store it in a bag or box away from your dog – keep it hidden in an area to which your dog doesn’t have access.

And for Freestyle Friday you will design your own enrichment device with the following ingredients:

  • face cloths, blankets, towels and similar

We have lots more fun and brain games for you for next week. Start getting ready…

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