Week 12 Equipment List

Only two full weeks (and a couple of days) left after week 12 so we are counting down and savouring every last minute of this #100days project!

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All challenges are presented with multiple options so you won’t lose out if you don’t have one or two of the items.

For Week 12 you will need:

  • a variety of different treats & toys
  • Stuffables
  • small cloths such as dusting cloths, face cloths, tea towels etc. and Ziploc or similar sealable plastic bags, small sealable lunchboxes or tins.
    Cut each into small pieces about the size of your palm, or so.
    Bring a cut up cloth to each place you go, without your dog this week, and wipe the cloth on some surface or in some area. Once it’s loaded with scent, pop it into a sealable container and store where your dog can’t access it, until you are ready for it on Day 81.
    You are collecting olfactory information and bringing it back for your dog to investigate!
  • you might also like to use SAFE essential oils, herbs or spices for this BUT the dog cannot have contact with the cloths dosed in these. Instead, add the scent to the cloth and pop it into a container to cook for a few days, if possible. When presenting it to your dog, put some holes in the container so that odour can travel, but so the dog doesn’t have direct contact.
  • novel items that your dog could interact with, but hasn’t interacted with yet
  • shallow, open boxes, tubs or similar
  • portable device such as smart phones, tablets, laptops etc. with internet connection
  • paper or plastic cups or similar small tubs etc. (you need 3 or 4 that are the same or very similar to one another)

And for Freestyle Friday you will design your own enrichment device with the following ingredients:

  • plastic bottles (make sure they are safe and remove all plastic parts, labeling etc.)

We have lots more fun and brain games for you for next week. Start getting ready…

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