From Day 101 on…

#100days is over…what do we do now?

Just because it’s Day 101, doesn’t mean the enrichment has to stop!


You make #100days what it is

I never anticipated that this little project, from our little company, would reach so far and generate so much interest. But it did. And that’s down to you and your participation and support.

I can’t thank you enough for getting involved, sharing, and for providing feedback. The messages and comments of gratitude, letting me know how you and your pet have benefited has been the most amazing reinforcement. Throughout, it’s kept me going, striving to produce the best resources with the most information.

I have enjoyed every moment of the community aspect of this project; seeing how you have applied the challenges, how you have made adjustments to suit you and your companion, and most of all, watching pets engage in enrichment activities in a truly enriching manner.

That’s all you. Thank you.


Start on Day 101

The hope of any #100day project is that participation helps to establish long lasting habits, beyond the one hundred days. You can continue to incorporate any or many of the challenges into your daily lives with your companion animals.

  • you might pick challenges or days that are particularly valuable and enjoyable to you and your pet
  • think of challenges that are about just being and living with your pet – lots of those involving just being and providing choice might be good considerations
  • go back and start at Day 1 all over again
  • each day’s challenges provide multiple options so you might go back and do an alternative challenge from each day

Whatever way you plan to do it, please do keep doing it.


Keep going

The blogs, as is, will remain in place so you can dip in and out or even start again. New people might like to join in or lurkers might like to get stuck in and really have a go at it.

Our Facebook group will remain open and I will moderate and join in as often as possible. Please continue to share the #100daysofenrichment link (

We can keep this project alive and kicking so that we can reach more and more pets and their people.

Please stay on board and in the loop!


12 thoughts on “From Day 101 on…”

  1. Thank you! 100 days has been really helpful and enjoyable for us. Some things we had done before and others were new but just having those daily posts reminded me to include enrichment activities in our lives…..Bonzo a rescue Rottweiler x Old English Sheepdog definitely thought it a good plan!

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  2. That’s great that the group will remain open. Should we continue to post some activities, and if so, do we call it Day 102, or Day 92 revisited, for example?

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