#100daysofenrichment REBOOT!

The entire #100daysofenrichment program is available for free but it can certainly be challenging to keep the motivation up to complete longer-term projects (which is why 100 days challenges, like this, exist!).

To round out 2019, let’s run our #100days project again from the start. I will be able to update any challenges as we go too.


This will give everyone the opportunity to jump back in and revive good enrichment habits, while also allowing newbies enjoy the challenges and the community participation.

#100daysofenrichment will be starting again on Monday 9th September, just in time for Back-to-School!

Join in by subscribing to this blog so you never miss a new posting, Like & follow our Facebook page where each day’s challenge will be posted and, best of all, come join our fantastic community of enrichers on our Facebook group: AniEd #100daysofenrichment.

Here you can chat with other project participants, share photos and clips of your enrichment adventures, introduce your pets and learn more and more about enriching and entertaining our animals (and ourselves).

So, get ready for Day 1, join in and have fun with your pet!

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