Happy International Women’s Day 2020

Here at AniEd, our people are women, our clients are mainly women, those who have mentored our business are mainly women (like Susan Friendman, Anne McBride, Helen Zulch, and many more), our colleagues are largely women and those with whom we work in a voluntary capacity through A Dogs Life are mainly women.
You get the idea; AniEd is largely women-led.


Women in dog training are traditionally presumed to be a soft touch, to be mere cookie-pushers, and not equipped to deal with the tough dogs or tough cases. Sorry to disappoint but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The movement toward a more science and evidence based, and overall more humane, approach to teaching has come to our field in no small part due to women entering and shaping this industry.
We, and many of our colleagues have played a role in this here, over the last thirty years.


On this International Women’s Day, here’s a shout-out to all the badass awesome women with whom we work on a daily basis, who are blazing trails in our applied science, who are fighting for animal and human welfare, and who are proving our detractors wrong at every turn.