Starting tomorrow!

#100daysofenrichment will be starting, with Day 1, tomorrow, St Patrick’s Day!

The entire program is always available for you to access, but this will be a guided run via this blog and the Facebook group.

sniffing sats

I made the decision hastily late last week as Ireland was effectively shutdown until at least the 29th March. That means I haven’t really had time to give you all sufficient notice or to prepare; so, this might be a little more fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants deal.

Get the Week 1 Prep list here. And read all the background information here this is all good stuff, so dig in!


Given that most of the world is now experiencing some level of lock-down or limits to activity, I really hope that this helps to provide pet owners all over a bit of a project/distraction from the chaos and concerns, while also facilitating social outlets, with their pets,which might be very limited right now.

As always, our wonderful community of enrichers brings such positivity and joy, and not just to their pets!
We will make it a Corona-free zone and just bask in the good times we are having.


Sign-up to follow/subscribe to the blog and join in via the Facebook group and let’s make the best out of a bad situation, enriching and entertaining not just out pets, but ourselves too!

6 thoughts on “Starting tomorrow!”

    1. Hmmm we can’t really control that. Check and make sure the email address provided is spelled correctly.
      If you like, send me an email to and I will check to see if you are on the list.
      Don’t post your email address publicly here 😉


  1. Really confusing how to join. I am on fb group but have never been asked for email. Went on blog but if you follow join link you are asked to join fb page. Really hard.


    1. Hi Mary,
      You must subscribe to this blog here by entering your email address in the follow/subscribe box so that each day’s challenges are emailed to you.
      This is on the blog pages that you have been on, to leave this comment, and you might need to scroll down the page, for example, depending on what device and OS you are using.
      The blog and FB group are separate entities.
      Take a look for the follow/subscribe box and enter your email address.


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