Free stuff!

No catches, just free stuff…who’s in?


With the world being pretty topsy-turvy at the moment, it’s difficult to think about much else than this chaos.
Recently, a sad incident, in Dublin, left a young boy dead after a dog attack. This is the second such fatality ever recorded in Ireland and we really don’t want a third.

We do a lot of child-dog work and would much prefer to do preventative work, rather than being called in after things have gone wrong, which is more often the case.

In light of the extra pressure dogs are feeling at the moment (like us all), given that everyone is home and essentially confined, we want to help.

Next week, we will have FREE resources to reach everyone:

for pet pros: free access to our Kids & K9s: the dog trainer’s role, course. FREE. No strings attached.
for pet owners: free Facebook Lives on juggling kids and dogs. FREE. No catches.

We want to do our part to get accessible education out there, with nothing standing in the way of getting it to everyone who needs it.

All the details will be available next week via our Facebook page so that you can register. And then all you have to do is show up, in your PJs, drinking wine, relaxing and talking dogs!