Lockdown Challenges: odd humans

People might be behaving oddly, to your dogs, at the moment. Anything that changes someone’s appearance, particularly their face, might cause dogs concern.

Wear a mask at home, briefly and have a treat-party! Put the mask on and immediately shower them with treats. Remove the mask and the treats go away.

And when out, give your dog lots and lots of space from passers-by, especially those wearing masks.

To create distance, turn and walk the other direction, walk in a wide arc around others or even move up a driveway or behind a parked car to allow them to pass.

Teach your dog that they can get distance from scary things without having to bark or lunge, or feel frightened.

Stay safe & well!


For lots more detail on helping your dog during these strange times: On Lockdown

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  1. Hi Ann,Are you OK with me sharing some of these on The Cockapoo Community, correctly credited, of course.I hope you are keeping well. Wendy Embisu Mulela Adv Dip Ed. FdSc. MICR.


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