Lockdown Challenges: “socialisation”

Puppies and young dogs, particularly, require continued appropriate social exposure.

This is tricky to do during COVID-19 restrictions but, “socialisation” does not mean contact, greeting or interaction, necessarily.


Teaching your young dog that YOU make great things happen when other people or dogs appear is a central part of developing appropriate social behaviour. Do that while on lockdown.

Bring your dog out for walks, hang out in the car, or spend time at the front of the house for look-don’t-touch practice!

We’ve always prioritised a look-don’t-touch approach to social exposure. Other dogs, people and goings on are just part of the background and are no big deal. Plus, these distractions becomes cues to look to their human too!

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Stay safe & well!

For lots more detail on helping your dog during these strange times: On Lockdown

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