Rapid & Reliable Recalls

Online, self-paced recall master course for you and your dog!


Master Course Details:

When? You can start today…or any time! Apply here.

Where? Anywhere, any time!

Who? This training course is for all dogs of any age and their training enthusiast humans.
Training with your dog requires lots of dedication, particularly when working online and remotely, so this course is for pet owners and pros really committed to working on training exercises every day, to see results.

How long? This is a self-paced course with 12 weeks of exercises. You will have access to the online course area, materials and supplementary resources for four months from your enrollment (until the end of November if starting in July, for example).

How much? This course costs €200

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To participate, you will need:

  • a device and internet access
  • you need to be able to use the internet, blogs, Facebook groups and if you wish to participate to the fullest, be able to record and upload your short training clips
  • your dog and your course materials
  • your dog’s walking gear, e.g. collar, harness, lead etc.
  • a harness appropriate to your dog’s conformation is safest when working with long lines; we recommend a Y-harness like this one here
  • a long line of 5m or 10m (more on long line use as required on this course here)
  • various reinforcers for your individual dog such as their favourite food rewards and toys
  • a snufflemat or similar (ideas here) but you may also use a small bowl or container
  • suitable locations to practice that are low distraction and safe, and some places that allow for safe and distanced exposure to distractions appropriate to your individual dog
  • means to film your work for guidance and feedback when it’s posted to our Facebook group; it’s best that you can set up the camera or have someone else hold it so that we can see you and your dog.


Goals of this course

This course will help you to:

  • build a reliable recall
  • teach recall cue/s that are responded to rapidly, getting that whiplash turn
  • improve your relationship with your dog through the development of rich reinforcement histories
  • get a whiplash turn recall
  • develop new lines of communication between you and your dog
  • have fun with your dog
  • build value in different reinforcers
  • understand how and when to apply appropriate management
  • generalise recall behaviour to different contexts, including distractions

You get: 

  • 24/7 access to the course online area, from anywhere, for four months
  • multiple media learning resources for viewing or downloading
  • almost 30 games over 5 levels across 12 weeks
  • 5 explanatory mini-webinars (clips) – homework for humans – covering topics such as recall management, long line handling, reinforcement, cues, distractions, and motivation, and lots of background information so that you understand how teaching recall works
  • over 70 demonstration clips
  • access to our Get Engaged! course for free
  • comment facility at the online course area for participation, enquiries, interactions
  • access to a Facebook group to post videos for feedback and guidance
  • build a reliable recall with your dog that may be a life saver and will definitely open up a world of fun with your dog
You’ll have to do a little more than that…

Online Training with your Dog

Before you sign up, consider carefully embarking on an online training course. Teaching your dog requires plenty of time, patience, skill building and knowledge development. When working remotely in a group, this is largely on you.

A course like this is best for those pet owners who are really interested in committing to working with their dog daily, learning lots of new information about dog behaviour and teaching dogs, and in developing great mechanical skill in teaching.

If you’re ready to go, we would love to have you. You can apply here and pay online.

Please note that all dog training, including course activities, are participated in at your own risk. AniEd, staff and trainers cannot accept any responsibility or liability for any injuries or losses sustained during course activities.

You are responsible for your dog’s safety and behaviour at all times and you are advised to ensure you have adequate pet or household insurance cover for liability in the unlikely event of damage or injury caused by your dog to property or to a third party

There can be no guarantees in terms of success with training and behaviour programs as there are so many variables affecting your dog’s behaviour and your success.

Once payment has been received, you will be provided with course access. There are no refunds, whole or partial, available for course fees once you have accessed the online course area.

By continuing and participating in this course you agree to these terms.