Christmas Bites: Entertaining Canines

Entertaining Canines: keep ’em busy and out of trouble

Entertainment and enrichment for pets is kind of our thing. If you want a FULL program of enrichment, training, fun and entertainment, check out our #100daysofenrichment project.


Festive Entertainment

In general, during social gatherings, parties and meals, you likely need your dog to be pretty low key and out of the way.

The easiest way to manage their behaviour is to provide them with appropriate behaviours to keep them busy and entertained. Instead of thinking how to stop them doing things you don’t like, think what you would prefer them to do instead!


Get your dog hooked on entertainment!

Start practicing now with simple activities that your dog can work on themselves, without too much input required from you.

Pacifying Activities: 

This category is great for confinement, for calming and when you want your dog to take themselves away and stay busy.


Introduce these now:

Day 1 Stuffables

Day 11 Chewing

Day 37 Lickables and Lappables

Get practicing now so you can find the best approach for your pet – it’s too late to discover they don’t like a certain thing or can’t work a toy on the day, when you really need it.

Activating Entertainment:

Before it all kicks off, provide your dog with plenty of appropriate mental and physical exercise so that they are relaxed and satisfied before the celebrations begin.


Always think in Rollercoasters: if you bring your dog up, they need help coming down again. This is why, it’s not necessarily a great idea to provide exerting exercise right before your guests arrive; your dog will still be wound up and now, with the extra excitement, will find it even harder to come down again.


Introduce some of these activities, and always follow with some down time and something from the pacifying category above.

Day 2 Play: Release the toy, release the joy

Day 6: Sniffing Saturday – Sniffathon!

Day 13: Sniffing Saturday – Scatter Feeding & Snuffling

Day 27 Sniffing Saturday: Adventure Time

Day 32 Play: Fun with Food

Day 55 Sniffing Saturday – Sniffing Courses

Day 57 Rollercoaster Games

Day 62 Sniffing Saturday: Searches & Scavenger Hunts

Day 69 Sniffing Saturday: Drag Hunts

Day 71 Chasing!

Day 76 Sniffing Saturday – SNIFFARI

Day 93 Watersports

Put these in place on the morning of your party, and even in the days leading up to celebration.



Puzzles can be a great way of providing vital mental exercise and putting them together can be a great to get kids involved. When creating puzzles, think safety first!

Day 9: Busy Boxes

Day 16 Tubs

Day 18 Eggboxes

Day 23 Pulleys

Day 25 Dissection & Destruction

Day 29 Blankets

Day 31 Foraging Boxes

Day 39 Bottles

Day 44 Puzzle Chains

Day 46 Teasers

Day 51 Compound Puzzles

Day 53 Suspended Puzzles Pt1


Day 58 Paper

Day 67 Suspended Puzzles Pt. 2

Day 72 Food Dispensers

Day 74 Snuffle Roll Ups

Day 79 Box o’ Stuffables

Day 85 Tubes!

Day 87 Stacked Puzzles

Day 88 Suspended Teasers

Day 92 Winebox Puzzles Pt. 1

Day 94 Winebox Puzzles Pt.2

Day 99 Pockets

Day 100 Pockets (again)

Puzzles are a great way to use up all that Christmas wrapping and packing!