Week 1 Equipment List

Get ready for Week 1 of the new run!

AniEd Ireland

The first week of #100daysofenrichment is just around the corner and as it’s the first week, we are going to keep it pretty simple and straightforward.

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All challenges are presented with multiple options so you won’t lose out if you don’t have some of the items.

20190103_021441497_iOS Any of these toys, just like the classic red Kong, can be used as stuffables for appropriate pets!

For Week 1 you will need:

  • a range of foods suitable for stuffing such as your pet’s regular food, spreadable yummies, chews and treats, higher value foods such as meats and fish (for dogs and cats) (more detail here)
  • toys that can be stuffed which basically means any toys that are somewhat durable (appropriate to your pet) and have two holes (two holes are better for safety).

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