Online Canine First Aid Workshop

Join us for a fun, interaction and very informative remote-workshop that might just help you to save a life!

This is designed for pet owners and non-veterinary dog pros, and is absolutely perfect if you have no background in medicine, veterinary or first aid.

This workshop will take place via MS Teams but you don’t need to download anything; just follow a link!

You can choose how much you would like to participate live on the evening, but you are encouraged to practice lots.

Our workshop and Canine First Aid & Emergency Care resources are evidence based to the most up to date information, based in valid research and best practice. Your instructor has worked in veterinary nursing here and abroad, we have participated in specific training for the delivery of canine first aid information, and regularly update our skills with veterinary professionals to stay on point.

Not only will you have access to quick reference guides, that you are advised to save to your phone, but you will also have access to online resources to continue your learning.

Book today by emailing or messaging us via social media, such as Facebook or Instagram (@aniedireland).