More husbandry snippets!

Easy reinforcement for husbandry with K9 Connectables

K9 Connectables are an awesome Irish dog toy company who make innovative toys, with a wide range of applications.

Toys in their range work with our #100DaysOfEnrichment program and we, of course, use them ourselves. That’s why we are an affiliate and you can get 10% of your toys with our code: anied10

Here’s a great way to use a combination of their toys to set up easy reinforcement, keeping your hands free and it’s so helpful to establish a communication system: if the dog stops lapping, moves away, or moves away from the toy, we stop!

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Building that communication system is straight-forward and can be so beneficial in all sorts of ways and we’ve talked about it, with some examples, in our post on prepping for the vet: Vet Ready!