Dog-talk? Free dog-talk?

I think if you’re reading our stuff you are a dog person and probably a full-on dog nerd!

Anne from AniEd regularly contributes to a free, awesome, Irish podcast all about dogs: Bark Side of the Moon. You can listen where ever you get your podcasts.

So far, I have contributed to discussions on:

  • car comfort
  • separation related behaviours
  • visitors & guests
  • working from home (with your dog)
  • adolescent dogs
  • dog-dog “play” & interactions
  • baby prep
  • kids and dogs
  • enrichment
  • multi-dog homes

Give it a listen and if you have any questions, or even ideas for further podcasts, let me know!

2 thoughts on “Dog-talk? Free dog-talk?”

  1. Loving the podcasts. Honest, non judgemental and based on science and experience.

    Wish I had discovered Anied earlier. Keep recommending n passing on to friends.

    There are so so many more topics to cover and try to get clear advise on: canine obesity is my bug bear and canine athritis my rabbit hole.

    Please keep going.

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    1. Thanks so much Katrin, that’s awesome!
      ooooh I will certainly suggest these topics too! And I am happy to talk about almost anything, from a behaviour point of view!


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