Giving Away & Giving Back

Black Friday is now a week of deals deal deals, really starting off seasonal shopping, and followed by Cyber Monday which has probably become a whole week too…but we’re not so hot on all this and generally don’t participate.

But instead of sell sell sell I want to make sure that we can support our industry by giving away and giving back.

It’s no secret that times are tough, and it’s looking like things will be getting tougher. That impacts everyone, on a personal basis and professional. This is a scary time to run a small business.

So, if you’re a trainer, just starting out, you’re established or you’re thinking about it with a keen interest, and feel that you would benefit from some free but serious & in-depth education, this is for you!


Ten longer form webinars (about two hours long plus time for Q&A) in this 2023 Webinar Program.

These are not really beginner coverings, and some basic knowledge of canine learning, behaviour & pet owner interactions is required to benefit. But, they are not necessarily advanced either so suitable for those starting out and those already established.

They are from our continuing education & development program for our trainers but these will be updated and presented live just for this program.

Topics covered (listed in no particular order):

  1. Game Changing LLW
  2. Car Comfort
  3. Barking Mad
  4. Canine Sleep & Sleeping Behaviour
  5. Canine Aging & Senior Dogs
  6. Getting Settled!
  7. Examining the Evidence: “reactivity”
  8. Examining the Evidence: “resource guarding”
  9. Examining the Evidence: Canine Fear
  10. Examining the Evidence: Separation Related Behaviours


I want to help anyone who feels that there might be barriers to education, whether that be financial or otherwise. With everyone feeling the pinch, it would be nice to support those who feel finances are a barrier to this sort of education.

We would love to support you if you are working in a voluntary capacity, trying to build and develop your business, or wanting to develop a new and fresh perspective, perhaps you need a reminder or are interested in upskilling.

I ask that if you apply that you also commit to participate as fully as possible. There’s no real point in providing live teaching and discussion if everyone’s going to just watch the recording!

This isn’t casual, when you do stuff with us you will be required to fully immerse!

Join in from anywhere in the world; all times will be Irish time (usually 7pm).


This program will start in the New Year and a definite schedule will be decided according to group participants & preferences. Some options will be provided and feedback taken into account.

Generally, the dates available will be an evening once or twice a month, usually starting at 7pm (Irish time).


We’re not going to ask about why you’re applying or about the barriers you experience. We don’t judge or make any inferences.

If you join us on this program, there are no obligations; this is not a selling tactic. (We don’t do that sort of thing.)

Complete the 2023 Webinar Program Application form here. Applications are open until Monday 4th December.

We will cap numbers at ten or fewer. We prefer smaller groups so nobody falls through the cracks and we can be sure to provide everyone with plenty of attention and interaction.

For more about AniEd: