Decker is a poop-connoisseur 💩 He very much likes to adorn his body with the smelliest and enjoys a poop nibble from select samples.

This is, of course, gross to us 🤮 but pretty normal canine behaviour, and I am not pushed about redirecting this behaviour 🤷‍♀️

I figure that dogs must inhibit their very dogginess in a lot of life with humans so if there are gross-but-normal dog things, that can be done safely, I’m not going to get too worried about it.

Another pet owner may differ…I can imagine that if he had long hair that was tricky to maintain, I might not be so casual about poop rolling 😉

However, there are probably lots of behaviours that seem strange, unnecessary and even disgusting to us, that are perfectly normal and enjoyable for our dogs, for which we can make concessions.

When we ask our dogs to be in our world and behave according to those expectations, it’s vital that we provide so many outlets for DOG stuff (once safe) …even if it seems totally abhorrent to us!

It’s time, again, to be a little less human and a little more dog 😂

Do you and your dog do #100DaysOfEnrichment? You know you can do it, any time, for free, right?

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2 thoughts on “POOP!”

  1. I love this! When we adopted our shepherd mix (who had 5 failed adoptions) the key message the shelter gave us was to let her be more dog. I think these behaviors are stress reducing. So I let her roll (and snack on catviar on occasion)!

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