Take care for Easter!

Human holidays often present extra risks for dogs simply because humans are distracted and busy, routines are out of whack and management often slips through the cracks.

All completely normal but can lead to pretty serious issues for dogs, and other pets too.

Veterinary personnel continue to be over-run with emergency chocolate ingestions all weekend, with so much emesis induction and a lot of chocolatey messes to clean up!
Despite this being such a well known hazard, the extra excitement of the Season, and our entire approach to hiding chocolate eggs before the day, and on the day, leads to lots of accidental exposure.

Of course, we can’t really expect to be able to hide anything as yummy as chocolate from our dogs’ noses so much extra care is required when we think we are putting them away from prying eyes. Think about those prying noses too!

While chocolate is certainly star of the show, raisins/sultanas in hotcross buns, lilies (all part of the plant) and Easter treats and decorations can be dangerous if ingested. Have your emergency vet’s details to hand this week!

Extra excitement, and a general raised background level of stress that so often comes with human celebrations (particularly ones involving so much chocolate!), requires extra attention to child-dog supervision and management.

More separation before there’s tension is best for Easter!

Dogs don’t need to participate in Easter Egg Hunts, given that excitement and the ‘hiding’ of possibly dangerous chocolate treats.

Costumes and pressure to pose can ramp up the pressure even more, increasing dogs’ sensitivity and discomfort.

Think about using emojis and filters instead to create those perfect snaps!

You can have doggie fun for Easter too! Scavenger hunts are great fun, even without chocolate eggs! Hide their favourite treats and toys.

Don’t forget Easter Egg boxes; they are great for puzzles!

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Have some wonderful (& safe) Springtime celebrations, no matter how you celebrate!