Reducing the Impact of Stress in Veterinary Behaviour

IVBA (Irish Veterinary Behaviour Association) is having a CPD day and our first AGM!

Anne from AniEd is the vice-chair of this exciting and young organisation. We can’t wait for this wonderful event, all about stress!

While we are always concerned about the stress experienced by the animals with whom we work, and we are covering that, but we are also looking at ways to improve our own management of stress in our work.

We have been tricked into thinking that “self-care” means jacuzzies and massage, and while those may certainly form part of your self-care provision, it’s really about your workplace.

Self-care starts with our workplaces; being paid properly, taking out breaks, establishing personal and professional boundaries, improved working conditions, skills and knowledge to cope with stressful situations. We’ve written about this before and really try to live it (here).

And that’s what our CPD day is for! We are exploring the management of stress in our animals, but also stress management skills for ourselves!

This is a great opportunity for all in veterinary and behaviour to come together, network and collaborate on gaining valuable skills relating to stress management.

Download the event brochure here, and share with all those who may be interested.

Promoting IVBA is important for the animals of Ireland and the veterinary and behaviour industries. Help us spread the word!

2 thoughts on “Reducing the Impact of Stress in Veterinary Behaviour”

  1. Hi Anne Just reading your post re. the conference and thought you might be interested in this I attended a free workshop online with her last year and found it interesting. She specialising in exploring compassion fatigue and resilience in folk working in rescues, vets..all sorts. We’ve never met but I attended your first aid course. Always find your mails and posts so informative ( often funny )you are very generous with your expertise. Kind Regards Liz


    1. Thanks Liz, I’m familiar with Jessica Dolce’s work. You might also like to check out Colleen Pellar who also presents similar work. So much great stuff out there!


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