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Upcoming Continuing Education Events

While we have had a little break from blogging due to illness and holidays and general run-off-our-feet-ness, we have been working away behind the scenes.


AniEd has some really exciting plans to bring you accessible and relevant educational events, that will be as up to date as possible, interactive and packed full of useful resources.

Access to these resources, interactive feedback and discussion and the events themselves will be largely via this blog so you might see password protected posts – these are for those who have signed up for the event. A password will be given to each attendee so that they can get the full picture and access all the associated material.

We will be back up and running soon with our usual free access blogs, with lots of clips & tips too.


This weekend we have a CAP1 workshop at our centre, to help those just starting out with clicker training and to help prepare for submitting assessment.

More on CAP1 here and here.

Working spots (with dogs) are filled but there are unlimited spectator spots available. Current students of ours can take advantage of discounted rates for attending and outside of this, this event costs €50, payable on the day.

If you would like to attend just send an email to info@anied.ie and we will provide details.


Look out for news of more workshops, seminars and webinars too so that you don’t miss out!