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Well, it is Sunday… #justrestingmyeyes


Puppies are a joy – with early training (and preparation) it’s a lot of fun; getting that early training in will help make adolescence a little easier to survive…
Puppyhood goes quickly so enjoy it!
ome tips to help with puppy problems: How to survive puppy teething & nipping and Housetraining basics

The Kids are Alright…but parents, pet owners and YouTubers need to do a better job protecting kids and dogs.

Really nice door manners demo:


My dog did that just to annoy me!” – yeah, that’s not true…

Luring is a straightforward way to get behaviours, especially for novice trainers but as your skill improves you might rely on luring less for teaching new behaviours; it’s use a management tool will likely continue: Legit Luring

Dogs for rehoming are often promoted as being a perfect sports dog prospect; but it’s more complex than that…
Identifying sport dog candidates in shelters and rescues, Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3

….ok, back to work: