Weekly Woof from the Web

Ireland is unfortunately known as the ‘Puppy Farm Capital of Europe’ 😦 more here on this booming but damaging industry, and the difficulties in its curbing: Sad realities of our domestic puppy-farming industry

Lovely tips here on photographing adoptable dogs: Hit ’em with your best shot

Leave-it is part of some vital training all dogs need for real-world reliability:


“Leave-it” means move away from that thing, and re-orient to your human.


Some life hacks for cat owners, may be helpful for all pet owners too!

Jumping up hacks:


Top Ten Tips to Become a Successful Animal Trainer, from Dr D!

Acknowledging your dog’s alert barking can certainly be more effective than just yelling at them: The nifty trick that stopped my dog’s alert barking

Some awesome training here:


Communication is a 2-way street: Dogs and our facial expressions

The equine version of our favourite grooming hack:


Just how we define our relationships with dogs? Are we failing dogs?

It doesn’t really matter what word you use for your recall cue, but you do need to take care of and associate it with your dog’s absolute favourite rewards; the Bacon Recall:

Oh jeepers…


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