Living #100daysofenrichment

#100daysofenrichment was never meant to be a standalone thing. The exercises were designed to allow you incorporate them into your daily activities with your dog.
Our Facebook group, which you can still join btw, is great for showing how participants have assimilated lots of the days’ challenges into their every day lives.

After all, #100daysofenrichment isn’t just for #100daysofenrichment 😉


Decker on Injury Rest

Last week, Decker really ripped open a toe-pad on his front left. Pad skin is keratinised so is tricky to suture and takes a loooooong time to heal and harden again. The wound is probably too severe for suturing, so I am dressing it every second day, keeping it padded and booted and making sure he rests it.

Weeks of injury rest is hard for any dog, and their humans. Luckily Decker is a lazy dog in a crazy dog’s body and we have practiced for rest periods like this, being bored, so he’s pretty straight forward when it comes to just hanging out.

Happily, the wound looks good, he’s on lots of pain relief and is, as always, in great form and happy about life. We appreciate your healing thoughts on this one so we can get back to swimming and adventure time, before the summer is over for another year.

As you can tell, he’s super stressed by all this rest-business…this is definitely harder for me than him!

#100daysofenrichment is perfect for injury rest! Decker has lots of these challenges in his daily life anyway, so with a little adjustment, I can keep him busy and entertained even though he can’t do a whole lot of physical exercise.

Here’s a clip of one of our day’s activities, split across lots of short sessions over the day so he can rest his foot too.

Clip link

In this sample of fun & brain games we do some handball and ball rolling, rear-end exercises to challenge him physically without too much exertion, and some tube puzzles with kibble and a ball. Along with lots of sniffing & chewing, stuffables and tons of hanging out, #100daysofenrichment presents new combinations of challenges every day so that he doesn’t lose out too much, has fun and maintains both our sanity.

Dog’s Trust Ireland’s Dogs Do #100daysofenrichment

Dogs might have limited access to enriching activities and environments by virtue of living in a shelter or kennel facility.

The Dogs Trust Ireland dogs are lucky to have wonderful carers who participated in #100daysofenrichment and who continue to do the best for these dogs by brightening their days with challenging fun and brain games.

A big and special thanks to canine carer extraordinaire, Cheryl Monaghan, who tirelessly brings #100days challenges to these dogs awaiting their homes, and shares their joy in our Facebook group and in this fantastic video:

Clip Link

So much joy and puzzling!

How are you living #100daysofenrichment?