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Due to many requests, we have temporarily re-opened enrolments on our Deep Dive Online Canine Nutrition course!

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This area is difficult to discuss and study, particularly online, with conversation often deteriorating. There is a lot of myth and woo surrounding canine nutrition, and just as many online gurus…

On this course, we look at the evidence and apply valid information to feed individual dogs.

Image reads: Dog feed manufacturers don’t have to tell us about quality and digestibility of feeds…how do we make evidence-based choices about our dogs’ diets?

Image reads: Are “grain-free” or “gluten-free” diets really necessary or beneficial for (most) dogs or is this an elaborate (and effective) marketing too?

Image reads: Let’s model kind and evidence-based discussions of canine nutrition. Dogs are pretty adaptable and individual. Our impression of what works might be affected by biases and may not apply to other dogs or populations. We need more independent and valid research…not more anecdotes. Our experience still holds value but only if we keep our discussion kind and objective.

That’s the entire ethos of our course, right there!

Read all about it, and apply, here.