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Due to many requests, we have temporarily re-opened enrolments on our Deep Dive Online Canine Nutrition course!

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This area is difficult to discuss and study, particularly online, with conversation often deteriorating. There is a lot of myth and woo surrounding canine nutrition, and just as many online gurus…

On this course, we look at the evidence and apply valid information to feed individual dogs.

Image reads: A home-prepared diet may be less beneficial than even the cheapest commercial feed if it’s not balanced and prepared appropriately…

Image reads: Ingredients lists don’t tell us a whole lot about the quality of feed and there are all sorts of labelling and marketing tricks used…that includes all commercial feeds, no matter the diet type. Buyer beware!

Image reads: Fresh meats are often at the top of ingredients lists...does that mean your dog eats the benefits?

Image reads: Let’s keep some perspective when discussing canine nutrition…our dogs eat better than most people on Earth. You are doing the best you can for your dog with the resources available to you.

Kind, open and evidence-based discussion is how we all learn & grow!

Read all about it, and apply, here.