All new Irish Veterinary Behaviour Association (IVBA)!

It sure has been a long time coming, but now we’ve just launched the Irish Veterinary Behaviour Association or IVBA. I’m vice-chair of this fledgling organisation and we want to bring an emphasis on behaviour, and its role in healthcare, to the forefront.

I am committed to the idea of reaching the veterinary community as an effective way to improve the welfare of pets and their people.

Through this work, we hope to elevate the importance and recognition of behaviour as an integral part of animal healthcare, and support vet pros and allied professionals in doing an even better job!

Our first big event is coming up soon and is all about the role of behaviour awareness in helping ortho patients.

How do we detect pain in animals? That’s right, via their behaviour!
How do we assess injury in animals? That’s right, via their behaviour!
How do we evaluate an animal’s experience and welfare? That’s right, via their behaviour!

Thankfully, an interest in the pain experienced by dogs, and other animals, is becoming more and more recognised. And September is Pain Awareness Month; we feel that this should be extended to veterinary medicine too, from a One Welfare point of view.

I will be talking at this event! My talk looks at the ways we can prepare pets and their people for the challenges to behavioural health when elective ortho surgery is required.

What happens after a dog has had knee or hip surgery, and can’t move about too much for months during recovery?
As you would imagine, and may have experienced, this can have huge impacts on behavioural health, currently and in the future.
But there are lots of things that can be done to support pet owners and their pets to help mitigate these effects.

Of course, I will be talking a whole lot about entertainment through enrichment planning too…cos that’s kinda my thing!

Will you help spread the word about IVBA?

I would be most grateful if you would mention this organisation and our event to your vet, RVNs, support staff, rehab pros, training & behaviour pros so that we can spread the word about how we can support behavioural health for animals being treated for physical disorder.

We can’t really separate the two from one another, so while the emphasis is often on the physical side in veterinary, we want to build awareness, skill and knowledge to support the behaviour side too. A collaboration that can only benefit more pets and their people!

Maybe your would like to join? It’s just €60 for the remainder of 2022 and all of 2023 so well-worth it!
Plus with membership, you can come to our conference for just €120 (5.5 CVE points).

I am happy to answer any questions or queries you have about this big move for Ireland!

9 thoughts on “All new Irish Veterinary Behaviour Association (IVBA)!”

  1. This is music to my ears. I am returning to live in Ireland after 10 yrs in the U.K. and in my rescue work and my own work with clients we often see pain that has been undiagnosed. I have lost count of the times we don’t work as a team on this so looking at what you are setting out to achieve is so positive. I am a huge fan of your work and we share your enrichment ideas when we train our foster carer teams. I am all guns blazing to help herding breed owners when I get back. I have good practice buddies with my 3 Belgian Malinois. Well done!

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    1. That’s great, Trish! You should join us!!

      Also consider spreading the word in the UK too as our event is in Belfast and open to those in the UK also. You might every try to come along yourself 😉


  2. Wishing you the very best of luck with your new mission.

    As an owner of a teenage dog who underwent elective but very necessary orthopaedic surgery, I was very ill prepared, knew nothing about chronic pain, OA, never mind how to keep my dog, my children and myself mentally stable for months on end. Your advise and expertise is really needed and I will be sure to tune in to learn.

    Thank you.

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    1. Oh that certainly sounds tough! You’re so right – the advice is often terribly lacking. Hopefully we can all start to change that! Please do spread the word 🙂


      1. You nailed it! It’s looking for and finding the right advise for us dog owners and our dogs in the vast internet (because the vet is busy and expensive). And it’s right from the very beginning you kinda seal the fate for your dog. I chose an obese puppy in hindsight, did the best I knew how, learned along the way as you do to guide my pup to be a social and confident dog and BAM. Surgery. 9 months recovery. Restricted movement. No after care.

        Its only with your podcasts/ your objective non biased website/ your enrichment and thanks to CAM (Canine athritis management) that I have come to see light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you. Yes I do spread the word.


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