You asked, we added!

We have been having a great time with our Online Canine First Aid workshops. It’s hard to imagine how such work can be so successful remotely, but that it is!

It’s largely down to just how awesome & enthusiastic our participants have been and keeping our groups small. Feedback has been wonderful, with everyone reporting that they have learned lots!

We’ve had participants from all over the world – all these times are Irish time!

So, we’ve added yet another round of workshops so that we can reach even more pet-people, giving them lifesaving skills and knowledge…all in the hopes of never having to use them.

We would love for your to join us for our September workshops, and share with any others who might benefit.
It may not be possible to run another set of workshops this side of the New Year; it gets tricky to organise courses in the run up to Christmas and Holiday celebrations.

We cover an insane amount of information, with lots of opportunities to practice skills, get feedback, ask questions and discuss the topics. Here’s some of what we cover:

  • emergencies, urgent situations
  • functions & principles of first aid
  • assessments, communication & safety
  • CPR, related assessments & skills
  • shock
  • choking
  • bleeding, wound care, bandaging, burns
  • fractures, suspected spinal injuries
  • seizures and neurological conditions
  • electric shock
  • water related emergencies & urgent situations
  • heat related illness
  • GDV (Bloat)
  • facial, head emergencies & urgent situations
  • pain
  • foot, pad & nail injuries
  • stings, bites, allergic reactions
  • ingestion emergencies
  • preparing first aid kits for your dog and for the contexts in which you will need them
  • skills to practice & document at home

Most importantly, we provide only evidence based and up to date guidance – we bust myths so that you will have the right tools to help dogs.

Not only do you get access to in-depth information about ALL that + more via an online course area (this is your first aid manual and guide) but more importantly you can download over 40 quick reference guides, covering these topics. We advise you save the really important ones directly to your phone so you always have the right advice in an emergency, when you really need it.

You can participate in the workshop as much you like, but we do encourage you to join in so that you can hone your skills. All is very friendly and fun – we are all learning, afterall.

Do you want to update your skills and awareness of canine emergencies & urgent situations? Drop us a line to book on for September!

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