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Weekly Woof from the Web

Often times a pet owner will presume that a bite or growl has come out of ‘nowhere’ or that their dog is absolutely ‘fine’ in a situation; but this is often not the case, as is illustrated in this piece: A Second Look

A good place to start developing a better understanding of such situations is with canine body language and signaling; this is an excellent resource to get started with: Introduction to Dog Body Language from Silent Conversations.

Sneezing and Reverse Sneezing in dogs – something to be concerned about?

fMRI is giving us some exciting insights into how dogs’ brains work plus all the dogs in Berns’ studies have been trained to willing participants in the MRI work – check some of their training and work in this clip:


Here’s a handy chart to figure out your dog’s age from WebMD.

We don’t have all the answers but these might be the reasons behind these 5 odd dog behaviours!

Now, it’s no excuse but we may have found a contributory reason for such a high proportion of these dogs to have a tendency to put on weight so easily: Why is my dog fat? (with link to full article)

A great clip clearly explaining the use of counterconditioning to help your pet to cope better with new, exciting or scary situations:


Have a conversation with your dog: Conversations with River

Good dishwashing advice from a vet and don’t forget to get your dog’s dinner out of those bowls (Kongs can go in the dishwasher too!).

For those pet lovers with green fingers here’s some gardening advice for pet friendly gardens.

Are you looking forward to the release of this film as much as we are?


Hey! Just have fun:


Weekly Woof from the Web

And another woof…

Crufts starts next week; keep up to date here.


Itchy skin disease in dogs is often baffling and very difficult to treat; this is an interesting take on a tricky condition: Getting to the outside of your itchy dog’s skin condition

Here’s another great, straight-forward piece on canine signaling: Dog Body Language

Always, always, always keep medications, supplements and other similar bits and pieces well away from pets and remember that dogs can chew through safety bottles and containers so even more care should be taken. A recent threat to dog safety but one we need to be aware of: Are E-Cigarettes Dangerous to Pets (Hint: YES!)

With dogs living longer and longer due to better care, we are seeing more and more old age disease such as canine cognitive dysfunction.

A dog showing fearful responses already feels pretty lousy about the world at that moment, so adding a scary, painful or intimidating interaction on top of that is not going to help because it makes no sense to punish a fearful dog!

There’s lots going on when you and your dog gaze lovingly at one another – Why eye contact can help you bond with dogs.

6 TED talks for Dog Lovers – I’m sure there are at least a couple of dog lovers around here somewhere….

Yep, that’s the spot…now, don’t stop!

This is why Daisy goes first…Cooper!!