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Weekly Woof from the Web

Baby on the way? Or even potentially on the way? Get preparing and to start you off here is an excellent piece from Family Paws: Carry a doll? Should we practice?

Such a simple but great way of providing enrichment for cats, and I am certain that some dogs would enjoy this too, maybe with bigger and even stiffer bristles:


All dogs growl, it’s normal dog behaviour! Here are 5 steps to deal with dog growling

Dogs may growl in situations where they experience anxiety, distress or fright: Is your dog stressed? Watch for these signs.

Recent work suggests that dogs may be able to see a broader spectrum of light than previous thought: Can dogs see in UV?

Dog vision with uv rev

Time for a treat? Biscotti for your puppy!

Playing with your dog is incredibly important in terms of developing and maintaining your relationship and there has been a little bit of work looking at dog-human play; here’s a covering of recent work in this area highlighting some of the best ways to play!

There are lots of challenges when it comes to training dogs, staying interesting to your dog goes a long way to helping.

Food puzzles are not just for dogs but some dogs will benefit from some of the ideas here too: Food Puzzles for Cats


Weekly Woof from the Web

And another woof…

Crufts starts next week; keep up to date here.


Itchy skin disease in dogs is often baffling and very difficult to treat; this is an interesting take on a tricky condition: Getting to the outside of your itchy dog’s skin condition

Here’s another great, straight-forward piece on canine signaling: Dog Body Language

Always, always, always keep medications, supplements and other similar bits and pieces well away from pets and remember that dogs can chew through safety bottles and containers so even more care should be taken. A recent threat to dog safety but one we need to be aware of: Are E-Cigarettes Dangerous to Pets (Hint: YES!)

With dogs living longer and longer due to better care, we are seeing more and more old age disease such as canine cognitive dysfunction.

A dog showing fearful responses already feels pretty lousy about the world at that moment, so adding a scary, painful or intimidating interaction on top of that is not going to help because it makes no sense to punish a fearful dog!

There’s lots going on when you and your dog gaze lovingly at one another – Why eye contact can help you bond with dogs.

6 TED talks for Dog Lovers – I’m sure there are at least a couple of dog lovers around here somewhere….

Yep, that’s the spot…now, don’t stop!

This is why Daisy goes first…Cooper!!


Weekly Woof from the Web

It’s time for your weekly roundup of the best woofs from around the web!

Here are some great ideas for homemade entertainment – let the fun & brain games begin: DIY, Six DIY food puzzles and Recycled Enrichment

Off leash dogs storming your dog, who may not welcome the space-invasion, is a common complaint and a common contributor to your dog’s discomfort; here’s one strategy to try when you can’t get away.

Here’s a nice straight forward canine communication resource and the answer to a more specific signaling puzzle: Do you know what the dog twist behaviour means?

And there is no more important application of an understanding of canine signaling, than when children and dogs interact. Here’s what to do: I Speak Doggie and here’s How not to greet a dog

Resource guarding is normal, natural, necessary dog behaviour that may cause problems within groups of dogs living together: How to prevent resource guarding in multiple-dog household

Some excellent ideas for exercises for attention building around distractions here.

Remember, dogs don’t work for free (just like you and me!) so don’t think that he should do it because he loves you!

Need some training inspiration? Check out this awesome training!

Pulp Fiction fan? Talk about inspirational training: Pulp Fiction

It’s a fact; humans are powerless against puppy head tilts…check out these GSD puppies and prepare to surrender!